Local Expertise, Professional Results

Since 1981, our Davis-based company has been setting the standard for what a rental service can be. It has always been our goal to give customers in Yolo County, Davis and UCD the highest quality service possible. We accomplish this goal through a mix of professionalism, experience and innovation, all applied by our dedicated staff of caring and detail-oriented individuals. We believe it is this dedication to customer satisfaction that sets our company apart.

Doing business for over three decades teaches some valuable lessons on how to keep customers satisfied. While many things change over time, there are some core ideas that remain timeless. One of these is the idea of personalized service. Our company understands that each property owner is different and requires a specifically tailored approach. Your property and your needs are unique – something we take into account when providing our management services.

We are proud to be the only rental management firm in Davis to make the top ten rental management firms in the Sacramento Business Journal for three consecutive years. Competition is fierce in this industry, yet we have found our commitment to customer satisfaction proves to be the deciding factor time and again. Our team cares about every customer we work with, from the largest property owners to the average renter looking for a place to live. This means you can always expect our best, no matter what your situation.

When Becky King, our founder and President, first established King Properties, she wanted to make the world of real estate rentals a little easier for everyone in the Davis area. Thirty years onward, our growth and ongoing customer satisfaction shows that she was on to something. King Properties is still going strong, here to make sure owners and renters can always enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.